About Us

STEELINE offers the Italian Sinks and Faucets for any Kitchen!!

STEELINE is Pakistan based Brand which is present in market since 2016. Our Company deals with Italian Kitchen Sinks and Faucets. Our all products are manufactured in Italy and designed by Italian Architects and Designers helped us make Truly Iconic and Internationally Praised products. We are one of the Kitchen Sinks & Faucets Specialize in Pakistan who have a wide range of 55 Models in Kitchen Sinks & 38 Models in Kitchen Faucets. STEELINE takes great care to use materials able to provide the best performance. Our Stainless steel models of entire range is made with European AISI 304 -18/10 austenitic steel. Thanks to the high percentages of Chrome and nickel they contain, they give a particularly bright finish, and make the products extremely sturdy and absolutely resistant to rust and corrosion. Thanks to the dedication to fulfil high quality and of authentic character projects, STEELINE has turned to be nowadays “Washing area expert with great attention to the colour matching in the kitchen environment” We also deals in combining steel with trendy glass surfaces sinks, coming in several shades, that perfectly match our typical features in terms of cleaning, hygienic, design and elegance.

Our faucets of entire range is made with 100% Version brass material, Due to this Rust can’t be exist on this material and also you can utilize it up to 10 bars water pressure adequately. In the spirit of innovation, and to challenge the conventions STEELINE began with a revolutionary idea: to transform a traditional product such as the common faucet into a designer faucet with sophisticated funtions and forms.

The STEELINE designer faucets are décor objects with a personality all of their own.

“Sometimes small ideas lead to great changes.

Can faucets become a furnishing element?


If it is made differently”

(Launch slogan for the “Luxuryline” faucet.)

STEELINE offers wide variety of Italian kitchen sinks and Faucets, which is a necessity of modern kitchens!

STEELINE Company is well-known for Household products and Home Appliances since 25 years.

STEELINE provides state of the art sinks and faucets manufactured under the banner of top Italian and European factory to ensure endurance, strength and reliability.

Our Vision

Our goal is to become your choice for a high quality kitchen sinks and faucets with the reputation of superior in-house design, value, and attention to detail.

The Company’s commitment to creativity has manifested itself in designs the transcend time and fashions. The Ariel, Pura, Sirex, Vesta, Iris, Smart, Filoquadra Mix, Best, 2000 SS/GR, 1220 SS/GR, 599 SS/GR, 598 SS and 7736 SS/GR models are just some of the milestones on its pathway of research and innovation:

Models that have become design icons and are famous throughout the Pakistan. They have defined the brand’s unique identity and have become design icons, famous throughout the Pakistan.

With the launch of the Basic and Luxury lines in repectively 2016, the Company opened the way to import of Kitchen sinks and faucets of simple elegance and minimalist forms, sparking a small revolution still in the works to this day.

Every STEELINE Collection transmits a message of timeless elegance and simplicity, combined with a typically minimalist style and maximum attention to detail.

The inspiring principle behind the STEELINE Collections is the power of forms that in an original and ironic fashion.

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