Company Introduction

A company that started 25 years ago with a vision has turned into a brand in 2016 known to Pakistanis as Steeline. 

In the sign of advancement and to challenge the old, Steeline started with a progressive thought: to change a conventional kitchen product, for example, the regular equipment into an outclass product with complex capacities and structures.

Our company offers top notch Range Hoods, Built-in Hobs, Built-in Ovens, Built-in Microwave, Kitchen Sinks & Kitchen Faucets, which is a need of present day kitchens! Steeline gives the best in class products fabricated under the pennant of utmost facilities to ensure continuance, quality and reliability. 

WIth over two decades of experience in delivering quality, innovation and a wide range of appliances, Steeline has become one of the leading kitchen appliances brands in Pakistan today. Expanding options further, Steeline has now forayed into the Kitchenware and launched Range Hoods, Built-in Hobs, Built-in Ovens & Built-in Microwave with state-of-the-art design and functionality.

We help in modifying your kitchen, and we attempt to acquire most recent plans, latest embellishments and machines. We keep tabs on the technological advancements happening worldwide to provide our customers the comfort, functionality and style they deserve.


Steeline, one of the leading kitchen solution providers and pioneers of many technological advancements like chimneys having Super magic suction power and hobs with EPS burning technology, brings to you convenient, uniquely designed, elegant and classy modular kitchens.

We picture your kitchen through your eyes and bring products exactly the way you want, making your kitchen an artistic space. 

Known for its one-stop cooking solution, Steeline products include the high quality Range hoods – Slant, T-shape & Butterfly, Built-in Gas Hobs – 3 Burners & 5 Burners with 304 Steel top, Built-in Ovens – Gas & Electric and Full Electric with sensor touch control, Built-in Microwave Ovens – 25 Litres & 31 Litres with sensor touch control, Kitchen Sinks – Handmade having following specifications: 304 Satin finish Stainless Steel & R10 Corners, last but not the least Kitchen Faucets with 304 Stainless Steel & Imported Ceramic Cartridge specification. 

For a smell free kitchen,air needs to be cleaned 8-10 times per hour, making the extraction or suction power a function of the air volume in the kitchen. Our whole Range Hood models have the heaviest suction power, made in Slant, T-shape and Butterfly design. They give an especially splendid completion, and not only makes cooking convenient but also adds to your pride. 

We believe what looks perfect must also work perfect. Our Built-in Gas Hobs are a startling example of our obsession with perfection. The 3 Burners & 5 Burners include 304 Steel tops  with EPS Burning technology & Sabaf Copper burner respectively.

Our Built-in Ovens having Gas and Full Electric facility with touch digital timer making it easy for you to operate the oven, moreover the 8 cooking function modes give you that professional edge that perfectly match our typical features in terms of cleaning, hygiene, design and elegance. 

You can now speed up your cooking with our Built-in Microwave Ovens, thanks to its intuitive 6 auto cook menus, they come with a capacity of 25 Litres & 31 Litres with sensor touch control which means one thing is certain, you don’t have to sacrifice superb cooking results even if you’re in a bit of a hurry sometimes. 

How are accessories important? They help to store and access kitchen items properly, thus reducing the wastage of time and increasing ease of operation.

Improved functionality: Performs well for longer with multiple functions that will live upto your expectations.

Affordable price range: Kitchens that look heavenly, but at down-to-earth prices.

Optimum space utilization: Making the best of the available dimensions to give you the best kitchen.

Cooking ought to be enjoyable. Both novice and expert culinary specialists get the best outcomes with the keen kitchen frameworks by Steeline. Our great kitchen systems put individuals first and are custom fitted to singular kitchen life. Since the kitchen is the core of each home. We know our way around the kitchens of this world.


We strive to turn your perfect kitchen dream a reality with exquisite and elegant kitchen appliances.  

The company’s promise to inventiveness has shown itself in plans that rise above time and style. The current models we have invented are only a portion of the achievements on its pathway of research and advancement. They have become plan symbols and are renowned all over Pakistan. They have characterized the brand’s one of a kind personality. 

With the dispatch of our products in 2016, the company opened its approach to import household items and kitchen appliances, and we are adding new items to our kitchen range so that you can breathe life into your kitchen dreams. 

Each Steeline collection transmits a message of ageless tastefulness and straightforwardness, joined with a typical minimalist style and maximum attention to detail.

The rousing standard behind our collection is the intensity of structures that too in a unique and amusing manner.

Steeline has blossomed with innovative engineering and exceptional plan. In addition to the fact that we offer astounding items, yet additionally customized answers for the intricate needs of our clients. All that we do ought to be extraordinary – from the products we develop to the way we deal with our customers. 

Our inspiration is to continually search for the most developed arrangements. As experts, we offer the industry an extensive product range with the single aim of improving air quality.

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