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Privacy Policy Questions

How safe is my personal information?

All of our clients' payment information is encrypted and kept private and secret. STEELINE is a 3D Secure System that is linked to "MPGS," the world's most secure Internet payment gateway system for banks. This information can only be accessed by authorised persons. Without your permission, we will never disclose, rent, or sell your personal information.


Will I receive an email containing online security information every time I place an order with you?

Every order placed with us is secured online, however the verification procedure is only done once. If you use a different credit card or account information, such as billing or delivery address, in your next or future purchases, your order will then be submitted to Online security verification once again.

Why should I share my personal information with you?

To execute any electronic transactions involving credit/debit cards, customer information such as name, card billing details, and shipping addresses is required. These are critical inputs for our payment partners' fraud detection processes. All transactions are followed up on with phone calls to confirm orders.

Will my order be handled if I do not answer your email within the specified time frame?

If you do not react to the online security verification procedure within the time frame specified, then we regret to notify you that your order will be automatically cancelled if we do not get a response to the online security verification within the specified time frame.

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