Luxuryline and Basicline are the two lines offered by STEELINE to it’s customers, with different functional and aesthetic characteristics, to cover entirely the commercial demand, keeping both on the top step of their respective market segments.


Luxuryline: the haute cuisine starts from designer kitchen sinks

Beauty and comfort are the recipe of STEELINE, in it’s Luxuryline, for the highest life quality in kitchen: excellent Italian design with rigorous and contemporaneous lines and with advanced and innovative solutions.

In the kitchen you live and work every day, why not to do it at high levels?

Starting from the choice of the sink and Luxuryline components, design and made for the grade chefs and the extraordinary maitre who can be found in every home day.


Basicline: the good Kitchen is always fashionable

Sturdy and functional with the brilliant style as the steel by which they are made.

STEELINE experience is all held here: in the concrete confidence of it’s Basicline.

The operative heart of the Kitchen is the sink. STEELINE knows well builds excellent once: the range Basicline has all essential requirement for the perfect everyday efficiency, but keeping the zest and warm of the Kitchen.

STEELINE sinks are attractive and resistance for definition.

Sirex 500

Sirex Electronic Sink

SIREX is a composite electro sinks which includes two patented news: the Compact Draining System (S.I.R.) and the Heat stop board (H.S.B.) that dissipates the accumulated heat.

Electronic Operation: open/closed operated by Control Panel button. It equipped with lithium backup battery, long service life for a complete autonomy in the absence of electricity.

S.I.R. Compact Draining System

Innovative and patented compact space saving draining system that optimizes the space under the sink, due to the limited size of 5 cm.

  • Better exploitation and optimization of space under the sink.
  • Increased usable space in side the bowl because the grid, replacing the traditional waste,is laterally placed.
  • No hole for the overflow: more beauty with the same safety and functionality.
  • Greater water down flow because the grid, replacing the traditional waste, is laterally placed.
  • Minimal composition, one element easy to clean. Thanks to a practical frontal panel it is possible to collect residual accidentally deposited within the SIR grid and make an extremely easy and precise periodical cleaning of the waste.
  • 95%capacity of the space underneath the sink thanks to the optimization of the bowl bottom.

Heat Stop Board (H.S.B.): STEELINE PATENT

Up to date, the last limit of the composite sink has been the limited resistance to high temperatures.The resistance limit tends to remain at maximum at about 300° C. However this limit is fairly restrictive, considering that a lot of pots and pans, coffee pots, teapots, etc. may exceed it, hence the need to develop a system that does not limit such use.

The H.S.B. is based on a AISI 316 stainless steel plate application of a thickness of about 5 mm inserted into a slot placed on the sink drainer centre, so that to make its use more practical fur thermore to enable the steel plate to disperse the accumulated heat due to any contact with very hot objects, there are 4 spacer pins which create a gap between the steel plate and the composite material of the drainer surface. In this way, the accumulated heat from the plate is easily dissipated into the air. The spacers facilitate the placement of the plate on the sink keeping it blocked into its position.

In order to clean it, the removal is extremely simple and fast. Thanks to this innovation, the composite sink surpasses its last limit, while improving its visual impact due to the combination of two different materials.

STEELINE Ceramic & Granite Sink Values

Stain Resistant

STEELINE  sinks do stand everyday aggressive substances and food very well. Dirt and stains can be removed by rinsing and gently wiping the sink.

Scratch Resistant

The high percentage of mineral charges present in the mixture makes STEELINE sink very resistant to scratches, marks and wear.

Heat Resistant

STEELINE sinks withstand thermal schock, included the most severe ones, and very high temperatures
(up to 300°) without being damaged.

Hit Resistant

STEELINE sinks have a very elevated superficial strenght, but they also are very tough. This last characteristic protects the sinks from breakages or damages that may be caused by accidental hits.

Not Discolour through time

Colour is the identifying element of STEELINE sinks. Our sinks colours remain bright and unchanged in the course of time, even in case of frequent and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Hygienic, easy to clean

Since the surface is not porous, the sink can be quickly cleaned by means of a standard detergent and the simple action of a towel or sponge. The sink is always fresh, clean and hygienic.


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