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Terms & Conditions Questions

Is it possible to return items purchased online to the "STEELINE" Outlet?

Yes, you may return or exchange an item purchased online at a "STEELINE" retail outlet.

How are you going to deliver the order?

Yes, the product will be the same, although there may be some colour differences. We have made every attempt to reflect the colours of our items on the internet as precisely as possible. However, because the actual colours you see are dependent on your screen resolution, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see on your screen exactly reflects the colour of the product when it arrives.

Is the price strategy similar to that of a retail store?

Please keep in mind that the pricing policies are the same for online purchases, “STEELINE” Company Outlets, and Dealer Showrooms across Pakistan.

Can I place a pre-order for an item?

Only goods marked "Available" on our website can be ordered.

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