Warranty & Instructions

Steeline’s products have been developed and produced with the utmost care. Steeline guarantees the quality of the items it delivers for a warranty period of 1 + 10 YEARS from the date of purchase.

The warranty period starts on the day of purchase when the invoice is alloted. We advise saving a digital copy of the receipt in addition to the original receipt. Steeline will proceed to repair with a proof of purchase receipt within the period of guarantee provided that Steeline acknowledges that the product is defective in accordance with this warranty.

The warranty covers all types of technical defects of kitchen appliances supplied by Steeline, as a result of construction and material flaws, which may occur during normal use according to the manual which arise and are reported within the warranty period. In case of any defect, the part will be replaced or can be repaired depending on the condition. All parts replaced under the warranty arrangement become property of Steeline. The guarantee obligation of Steeline shall lapse if one or more of the following circumstances arise.

This warranty does not cover damages caused by improper or abnormal use, negligence, modifications, incorrect installation, reparations or unauthorized changes, accidents such as voltage/fluctuation of electricity, fire damage and natural disasters or other causes external to the product. Moreover, if the product has been inflicted intentionally through abuse Steeline will not entertain the warranty.

Furthermore, Steeline will not be held responsible for profit loss or failure to use any product.

This guarantee does not entitle to reimbursement of damages or interests.


All Warranty is valid if the Product is used under Fresh water. There will be no Warranty for Saline water.

Exchange and Refund Policy

1.The products will not be exchanged or refund once it has been installed.

2.After opening any product or its plastic seal, it will not be exchanged or refund.

3.Incase the package box gets teared or damaged, the piece will not be exchanged or refund.

Visit Charges

1.Our Company’s technician visit charges will be 600/-

2.Incase of wrong installation Rupees 600/- will be charged as per our technician visit charges.

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