SL-7447GR Kitchen Granite Sink



  • Natural Quartz Sand + Resin
  • Not Discolour Through Time
  • Heat Resistant Upto 280 Degree
  • Bowl Depth: 210 mm
  • 304 Stainless Steel Drainer
  • 50 mm Siphon Diameter

Available in Matte Black Color


  • 304 Soap Dispenser (Satin Finish)
  • Stainless Steel Drain Bowl

Dimension Chart

  • Top Size: 740 x 470 mm
  • Cutting Size: 720 x 450 mm


SL-7447GR Kitchen Granite Sink

Introducing the SL-7447GR Kitchen Granite Sink, a perfect blend of functionality and elegance. Crafted with a combination of natural quartz sand and resin, this sink boasts exceptional durability and a stunning aesthetic that enhances any kitchen decor. With its premium construction, the SL-7447GR ensures long-lasting performance and retains its beauty for years to come.


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