SL-10050TS (Attitude Model)



  • AISI 304 Satin Finish Stainless Steel
  • Up and Down Faucet in 304 which can be adjusted in three directions
  • Soft Close Top Cover
  • Glass Washer With Dry part
  • Pop-Up Waste With Square Cover
  • Thickness: 2.0/ 0.8 mm
  • Bowl Depth: 220 mm


  • Square Soap Dispenser (S/S Finish)
  • Stainless Steel Basket


Revolutionize your kitchen space with Steeline Pakistan’s Luxury Sink SL-10050TS (Attitude Model). Designed to elevate your culinary experience, this sink embodies luxury, functionality, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Key Features

  1. AISI 304 Satin Finish Stainless Steel: Crafted from high-quality AISI 304 satin finish stainless steel, this sink not only boasts a luxurious appearance but also offers exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring longevity in your kitchen.
  2. Up and Down Faucet in 304 with Three-Directional Adjustment: Experience unparalleled versatility with the up and down faucet featuring three-directional adjustment. Effortlessly customize the water flow to suit your needs, whether you’re filling large pots or delicately rinsing produce.
  3. Soft Close Top Cover: Enjoy added convenience and elegance with the soft close top cover. Designed to close gently and silently, it enhances the sink’s sleek appearance while minimizing noise in your kitchen.
  4. Glass Washer with Dry Part: Keep your glassware sparkling clean with the integrated glass washer featuring a dry part. Say goodbye to water spots and streaks as this feature ensures thorough cleaning and drying, leaving your glasses pristine and ready for use.
  5. Pop-Up Waste with Square Cover: Maintain a clean and hygienic sink area with the pop-up waste equipped with a square cover. Effortlessly dispose of food waste while keeping unsightly debris out of sight, ensuring a neat and tidy kitchen environment.
  6. Thickness: 2.0/0.8 mm: With a thickness of 2.0/0.8 mm, this sink offers durability and stability, capable of withstanding daily use and providing reliable performance for years to come.
  7. Bowl Depth: 220 mm: The generous bowl depth of 220 mm provides ample space for washing and soaking dishes of all sizes, accommodating your kitchen tasks with ease and efficiency.


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